Zip Code Survey

The Zip Code Survey can be downloaded HERE.

The Zip Code Survey Results Sheet can be found HERE.

Directions on how to upload the survey and download the results are detailed below.

How to Import a Test, Survey, or Pool

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. On the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page, click Tests.
  3. On the Tests page, click Import Test on the action bar.
  4. On the Test Import page, locate the appropriate file by clicking Browse My Computer.
  5. Click Submit.


  1. Navigate to the course area where you want to add the Zip Code Quiz.
  2. On the action bar, point to Assessments and click Test .
  3. Select the Zip Code Quiz from the Add an Existing Test list.
  4. Click Submit. The Test or Survey Options page appears.
  5. On the Test Options page, click Yes to Make the Link Available to users. Use the Display After and Display Until fields to limit the amount of time the link appears.
  6. Set the availability, feedback, and presentation options for a test or survey.
  7. Click Submit.


  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center section.
  2. Click Full Grade Center.
  3. Click the Options Menu for the Zip Code Quiz column and select Download Results.
  4. Click the button Click to Download Results.
  5. Enter your course and section number under File Name.
  6. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll need to rename the file after it’s downloaded to your computer to add ".csv" to the end of the file name.


  1. Transfer results from the raw data download to The Zip Code Survey Results Sheet.
  2. Fill out the top of The Zip Code Survey Results Sheet with your course information.
  3. Copy and paste from the downloaded results the last name, first name, EmplID (a.k.a. student ID), and zip code to the corresponding columns on the Zip Code Survey Results Sheet.
  4. Save your file and submit as per your department’s instructions.